Get to know our Team!

We are a highly trained team of experienced individuals with Certifications in  the fields of IT development and maintenance.

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Founder and Senior Technician

Yehuda is passionate about making the term IT an simple to understand phenomenon for the everyday Businessmen and individuals. He founded Tech Logic in 2017 with that goal in mind. Yehuda is a highly trained technician with years of experience in the field of System Analytics and troubleshooting. He's a Husband and father of two.

Yisrael M.

Lead Technician

Israel is a warm and caring person dedicated to producing results. Israel graduated Moscow University with a Bachelors in Computer science. He is currently expanding his education in the field of Cyber Security. Israel is responsible for our Business customers needs and is an expert in Windows Server.

David S.

Support Technician

David is an energetic young man with a wonderful grasp on the needs of everyday individuals. David is a Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) and experienced troubleshooter. He is Husband and father to four.


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